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A fascinating 30 minute documentary exploring the history of how the Peters Equal Area World Map came into being. Includes scenes from THE WEST WING TV show that featured the map as well as cartographic critiques that show the tension and conflict that the Peters map generated amongst the cartographic establishment. Loaded with hours of bonus features! (see details below)
     25+ video resources: Peters outtakes, Faith-based origins of the Peters Map
             and 7 movie trailers
     Print Resources: Peters Map Explanation, journal articles,
             State of the Village Report, & More
     150+ PowerPoint images for your use in the classroom
     Ten MP3 Audio files
     Plus lesson plans & web links
Individual Purchase Price: $39.95
Institutional Purchase Price: $89.00
If you cannot afford this DVD, we’ll donate a copy to you if you hold a screening that is open to the public. See Free DVD Request Tab (below).

Price:  $39.95
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Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man DVD  

A free DVD is available if you are willing to host a FREE, public screening.
Follow the links below to request a free DVD. Please explain your plans for presenting this video.
Go to and click on the left toolbar which says, Host a screening and sign up with the details of the event you wish to host.

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