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Includes our most popular folded paper wall maps:
The Population Map shown at left of picture has been revised and updated for 2015
What's Up? South! Map - at 24x36" size
Hobo-Dyer (South-up, Africa
centered version)
Mercator Map
Pacific Centered Peters Map  
plus the Hobo-Dyer desktop map
- 11'' x 17'' (one side north-up, one side south-up).

Sorry: No substitutions.

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Sale Price: $69.00
Savings: $37.00

Map Combo Pack Folded  

For the Classroom

Divide your class into three groups at random.

Ask each group to view a map

  • Group 1 is assigned to review the Hobo-Dyer (South-up, Africa centered version). Give them time to adjust.
  • Group 2 is assigned to use the Mercator Map.
  • Group 3 is assigned to the Population Map.

Make sure you physically separate each group so that they cannot see the maps assigned to the other groups. Ask a series of questions about the significance of various continents and countries.

Sample questions:

  1. What continents have the largest land mass?
  2. Identify significant trade routes.
  3. What continents have the most people?
  4. What continents have the most wealth and power?
  5. What conclusions can you draw about what countries have the most influence over the world?

Depending on age and sophistication, have them write down and debate their conclusions.

Finally, allow the groups to see each other's maps and discuss. Do maps influence our opinions about reality?

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