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The visionary Buckminster Fuller designed this map to help us recognize that ''we're all astronauts aboard a little spaceship called Earth.'' This projection minimizes the distortion of size and shape. The peel-off back has detailed background information. Can be used by teachers and seminar presenters as a great handout.
Note: The actual sticker shows the oceans quite a bit darker than the image on the web -- so there is less contrast between the oceans and the land.
See the Dymaxion 4''x6'' postcards for a different image of the Dymaxion World, color-coded based on mean annual low temperatures (circa 1954). Individual stickers @ $3 each.

Price:  $3.00

Fuller Dymaxion Map Stickers  

Fuller's view was that given a way to visualize the whole planet with greater accuracy, we humans will be better equipped to address challenges as we face our common future aboard Spaceship Earth.

Dymaxion= Dynamic + Maximum + Tension.

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