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Denis Wood can be described as an ''agent provocateur'' inside the geography establishment. His edgy humor, insightful analysis, and remarkable wit and insight are available to ODT's grand prize winner for an inservice event or public talk. Wood's editorial reviews are often stinging and sarcastic as he calls out hypocrisy and inflated cartographic self-importance whereever he finds them. Wood will take a local road map or tourism map from your region, and expose the hidden agendas, and self-serving motives that often go undetected. He'll push your group to the limits, as he challenges assumptions about how we see our world...whether globally or locally.

Denis Wood will present a Workshop at Your School  

Featured on Ira Glass’ This American Life, Denis Wood is one of America’s most sought-after experts on the significance and meaning of maps. Wood loves maps and loves to talk about them. Besides Seeing Through Maps, Wood is the author of the bestseller, The Power of Maps and its contemporary follow-up Rethinking the Power of Maps. He also curated the award-winning exhibition of maps at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in 1992, and its even more popular incarnation at the Smithsonian in Washington the year after.

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