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The traditional world map is poorly suited to understanding global relationships in our present era in which these relationships have become increasingly important to all peoples on earth. Traditional and current world maps are mostly centered on the equator, and project the round world as a rectangle or ellipse. This means the world is broken up along the edges, usually in the middle of an ocean (east/west) or at the poles (north/south), providing the map user with an inadequate image of global relationships. The equator-centered world maps all distort distance relationships. This makes it look as though the shortest routes between places invariably follow lines of latitude. The map user has no idea that direct routes often go over or near the poles or across a divided ocean. 

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World Map for People in the USA - 11 x17 in.  

Lambert's Azimuthal Equal Area Projection remedies the limitations described in the first TAB. This projection, devised in 1772, has long been known to cartographers. Yet Lambert's amazing projection is capable of providing the best overall view of the world for people of any country, by making any specific country or region the center of the map. On such a map the world surrounds the country at the center, in the same way the world surrounds the country in which one lives. No longer is the world chopped up arbitrarily leaving the map user figuratively falling off the edge of the world at a split ocean, or doing the same thing in the Arctic or Antarctic. On a Lambert map the world unfolds around the country whose global situation and global relationships are the focus of attention. It shows exactly where other countries (near and far) are situated relative to the country at the center and provides an accurate indication of the shortest travel routes to other places on earth. The circumference of the map marks the far boundary of the world for the inhabitants of the selected country and signifies the furthest point (the antipode), to which they can travel from the exact chosen center of their country.

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