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The traditional world map is poorly suited to understanding global relationships in our present era in which these relationships have become increasingly important to all peoples on earth. Traditional and current world maps are mostly centered on the equator, and project the round world as a rectangle or ellipse. This means the world is broken up along the edges, usually in the middle of an ocean (east/west) or at the poles (north/south), providing the map user with an inadequate image of global relationships. The equator-centered world maps all distort distance relationships. This makes it look as though the shortest routes between places invariably follow lines of latitude. The map user has no idea that direct routes often go over or near the poles or across a divided ocean. 

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paper, rolled map

World Map for People in the USA - 11 x17 in.  

This remarkable world map, in addition to showing the location of the selected region or country relative to all other countries on earth, also represents countries at their correct earth areas, allowing the map user to get an accurate idea of the size of their country relative to other countries and regions of the world. All world maps of necessity distort some aspect of the real round world and the Lambert projection is no exception. Here the main distortion occurs on the outskirts of the map and involves the elongation of many countries, still at their correct areas but "bent out of shape". However, the relationship of these countries and regions to the country or region at the center is not affected, and map users gain a correct view of their unique global situation.
This map in contrast to most other world maps has no place to "fall off', because it does not have any arbitrary breaks. The world is self contained by having its bounding edge defined as the antipode of its center point. When map users, who start at the center of the map, reach its limits they have gone as far as it is possible to go without turning on themselves and beginning a return towards their starting point. This bounding limit is a circle rather than a point (making the distortions at its edges), but it does allow the entire world to be mapped as a continuous, self-contained surface.
"Location, location, location" is the slogan of real estate agents at a neighborhood scale, and it is equally true of reality on a global scale. On these Azimuthal maps people can visualize and appreciate their geopolitical location at a global scale and evaluate the strategic realities of their unique position in the world.  Individual map users can also plot global travel routes in a way that allows them to see exactly where places are, (whether near or far) relative to their homeland, more effectively and conveniently than could be achieved using other world maps of rectangular or elliptical shapes, which often badly distort these important relationships.

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