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The traditional world map is poorly suited to understanding global relationships in our present era in which these relationships have become increasingly important to all peoples on earth. Traditional and current world maps are mostly centered on the equator, and project the round world as a rectangle or ellipse. This means the world is broken up along the edges, usually in the middle of an ocean (east/west) or at the poles (north/south), providing the map user with an inadequate image of global relationships. The equator-centered world maps all distort distance relationships. This makes it look as though the shortest routes between places invariably follow lines of latitude. The map user has no idea that direct routes often go over or near the poles or across a divided ocean. 

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paper, rolled map

World Map for People in the USA - 11 x17 in.  

The unique properties of the Lambert projection are the basis for ODT's new world map series dedicated to providing all people with a better understanding of global relationships. The essential fact about you and the world, wherever you happen to live, is that you are at the center of it. The world is all around you and every place on earth is defined by this fact. The best global map for this situation, which applies to every one of us without exception, will be a map which is centered on where you happen to be. This particular map puts the USA at the center of the world, a location that correctly reflects how the world is experienced by its residents. But a Lambert projection could as easily put England or India at the center of the projection. If one is in London, one needs a London-centered map; if one is in New Delhi a New Delhi -centered map. On this first map of the series, Americans can appreciate at a glance the global situation of their country, get a precise idea of where other countries are relative to their homeland and also get an accurate indication of the shortest travel routes to all other places on earth. (Did you know that Russia, Argentina, Japan, and Algeria all fall within the hemisphere centered on the USA, but India is at the opposite side of the world?) This same understanding would be true for those in any country at the center of the map. The notion that one world map could meet all needs must be revised. No one world map for all suffices - whether it has north or south at the top or is centered on the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans.
Only a globe can outdo this amazing new world map series from ODT, yet the maps of this series actually outdo the globe in one critically important way: they make it possible for map users to see the entire world at a glance as it unfolds around their country or region, something globe users themselves are denied by the facts of spherical geometry - you can only see one half of the sphere at a time. On this Azimuthal world map one's global situation is portrayed with an accuracy no other world map comes close to replicating and provides a much needed corrective for the problems of representation associated with traditional and current world maps.  Wherever you are ODT can provide a Lambert map for your country or region and enhance global awareness in terms. For information on custom maps for your city, go to

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