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See the USA in true size! True proportion!
Desktop Map: 13.5 '' X 22 ''
Great for drilling on states and capitals. Copyright-free outline map on the reverse.
Thought-provoking supplemental web-based questions and answers.
Great for the classroom, for home-schoolers, for the office, or for the dinner table.
Maps come in paper and laminated formats.

SPECIAL REDUCED PRICES: Available for less in packs of 5, 10, 30, and 50.
We can also custom print this map at any size. A 22" x 36" custom map is $120.
Depending on sunlight, order a gloss (low sun) or matt finish (to reduce glare).

Price:  $8.00

Equal Area Map of the United States  

                      WHAT MAKES THIS USA MAP UNIQUE?
Do you know of any map where Alaska is shown at its true size? (It's bigger than Texas).
Have you ever seen Puerto Rico on a USA map? (Our map includes the 4 million US citizens that live in Puerto Rico).
Is the USA map you have now an equal area map? This one is!
his 22” wide desk map is printed in color on one side, with a copyright-free black and white outline map on the reverse. The reverse side also features a series of questions to pique student's interest in, and encourage their learning from the map. We also offer a dedicated web page with an extensive explanation of how and why the map was developed; lesson plans, questions for different grade levels with suggested answers, and commentary by noted cartographic reviewer, Denis  Wood.
Recommended for companion reading: Lies My Teacher Told Me or A Young People's History of the U.S.

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