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See the USA in true size! True proportion!
Desktop Map: 13.5 '' X 22 ''
Great for drilling on states and capitals. Copyright-free outline map on the reverse.
Thought-provoking supplemental web-based questions and answers.
Great for the classroom, for home-schoolers, for the office, or for the dinner table.
Maps come in paper and laminated formats.

SPECIAL REDUCED PRICES: Available for less in packs of 5, 10, 30, and 50.
We can also custom print this map at any size. A 22" x 36" custom map is $120.
Depending on sunlight, order a gloss (low sun) or matt finish (to reduce glare).

Price:  $8.00

Equal Area Map of the United States  

ODT's new USA map in the MAP REPORT from the International Map Trade Association (PDF Format).
An on-line article appearing in the School Library Journal describes the importance of an equal area USA map.

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