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The view of earth from 23,000 miles out in space as the Apollo flight coasted to the moon, December 1972. A remarkable image of our home that never fails to both delight and touch us at our very core. As the creator of EarthSeals, Paul Hoffman says, '' Words divide. Pictures unite.''  50 stickers - $6.00
200 stickers for the price of 150 - $18.00

Price:  $6.00

Earth Africa and Antarctica, 1.125 Inch Stickers  

Paul Hoffman had a dream one night and woke up at 2 a.m. realizing that he should make stickers of the Earth as viewed from space and get them out to as many people as possible. He contacted NASA, got permission to use their image, invested his life savings, sent the design to a printer and has since printed millions of "EarthSeals" that have been distributed worldwide. Why? He says he wants to convey the image of the beauty and unity of the planet. He wants to remind us where we all live and what we all share.

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