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Learn how natural phenomena creates your dynamic planet. The map features detailed descriptions of Plate Tectonics, earthquakes & tsunamis, volcanoes, hotspots and impact craters. There is also a dedicated inset looking at one of the most emotive subjects in today’s news; Global Warming and the melting Arctic ice cap. Stock map size is 36.5x52.5''. Stock map is only available in paper rolled with a thin film lamination. Regularly $49. On sale now for $24.50.
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Environmental Map  

The latest educational wall map clearly shows the devastating effect of human activity on the Earth. How our world is being threatened can clearly be seen on both the map sheet and in a series of information boxes.
Examples include the devastating BP Deep Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010-incidently, the second worst oil spill ever recorded. 
This Environmental World Map also starkly illustrates Deforestation, Urbanisation, Land Degradation and Arctic Environmental Change as well as highlighting graphically the threat most of Northern Europe has from Acid Rain.
Coastlines at risk from rising sea levels, Environment Hotspots, shrinking seas and World’s most polluted cities are just some of the topics covered.
Beautifully designed by top map designer Mary Spence, MBE, this map won the International Map Trade Association award for Best Wall Map in 2011.
This special edition has been designed especially for schools and colleges to help Children understand a highly complex subject in a clear, graphical representation.
Leading environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, WWF and the World Bank have provided analysis. “We wanted to offer a resource that is interesting, accurate and easy to interpret,” says Alan Smith, the Managing Director of the UK publisher, Global Mapping. “The map demonstrates that human activity is having a serious impact in shaping our environment.”
The Environmental World Map is available with thin film lamination at  35.5" x 52.5". Other custom sizes are also available. It is published on a Robinson projection at a scale of 1: 30,000,000

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