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Activists of all ages have used the Giant EarthBalls to visually demonstrate the importance of honoring the Earth. These globes are actively used in the environmental & peace movements. Children have ‘carried the world’ in marches from Seattle to New York City. EarthBalls are available for rent or purchase in a variety of sizes, and for a variety of weather conditions. Prices vary depending upon size, model, length of rental period, and atmospheric shipping costs. We require a brief consultation before we can quote an exact cost. Phone us at 800-736-1293 or email or order the size you want below, and supply us with details of your needs on the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" section of the order form. 
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Giant-Globe -- buy or rent 6- 8- or 10 ft Planets  

Sealed-air globes include the globe & inner bladder. For indoor use, the sealed air models come with a portable electric inflator/deflator which quickly inflates the globe in just a few minutes. Outdoor use generally requires our "Cold-air" models, which feature an internal blower. Cold-air globes are more expensive to rent or purchase, but they are immune to changes in temperature and barometric pressure.  They'll remain properly inflated as long as they have electric power. Our growing fleet of rental globes all feature the NASA digital Earth image complete with atmospheric cloudforms, available in a range of sizes. Other sizes and custom Globes are available. Please inquire: or 1-800-736-1293.

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