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A map that not only shows true size comparisons, but also turns the world upside down to challenge North-South perceptions. Based on the popularity of the Peters concept of equal area, we produced a similar map, the Hobo Dyer Projection, which offers less elongation than the Peters map but more compression at the poles. This is the map that President Jimmy Carter used to display his agency's efforts at his Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in December 2002. Prices range from $8.25 for 11''x17'' paper folded map to $424 for a 64'' wide custom map. For larger quantities, special pricing is available to schools and not-for-profit organizations. Also see our new Hobo-Dyer map at 36" wide

Price:  $8.95

Hobo-Dyer Equal Area - Two-sided: North-up Africa-centered/South-up Australia-centered  

FREE Hobo-Dyer Projection Map

We've had many requests for the The Hobo-Dyer Cylindrical Equal Area Projection (HDP) with up-to-date boundaries (and the country names left off), just like the free Peters Map we made available in the past.

NOW… For the first time, ODT is offering our clients, customers, and the general public a copyright-free version of the Hobo-Dyer Projection world map. Download any of the Black & White versions offered here at whatever resolution is most appropriate for your use.

Reproduction of these Black and White HDP Maps requires the following conditions be met: (1) maps may not be altered in proportions, (2) maps for distribution may not be "colorized" (free reproduction is permitted only for the B&W format), and (3) you must keep the web sites as they are listed on the map. Map images can be copied freely for any non-profit educational use. To reprint these maps in any commercial context contact ODT at 1-800-736-1293 or

The map on the lower left is appropriate to a small 640/480 screen. The middle image is appropriate to a large 1280/1024 screen (middle), and an 11" x 17" printable size (to the right) is probably too large for any screen, and may take some time to download due to its size!

Full color, full featured HDP maps are available for purchase from ODT. For details, and images Click here.

To download:
  1. Click your image.
  2. Right click the popup window and choose save.

Hobo-Dyer Map, small print

Hobo-Dyer Map, medium print

Hobo-Dyer Map large print

Suggested Activity

Take 2 placemats. Place both side by side with one north-up and the other south-up. Can you believe they are the exact same map? They are, but your mind has trouble believing that fact. READY for ANOTHER point-of-view?

Download our free Hobo-Dyer black and white classroom map. Cut the map in two - slicing north to south through the middle of Africa.

Next reposition the pieces so that West Africa is on the right side and East Africa is on the left side. (This is a unique property of all cylindrical maps…you can "slice" the map at any longitude line and center the cylinder anywhere you wish). This revised map with a split Africa, is what oceanographers use when they want to study ocean currents and temperatures. Now that's an image that really illustrates how earth is a "water-planet"!


Send a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope to ODT, and we'll be happy to send you a sample Peters Map Postcard.

Mail to: ODT, PO Box 134, Amherst MA 01004

International customers, please be sure to apply sufficient postage for 1 oz. First class mail

Download a free 11x17 Peters Map (with boundaries; no country names) black and white classroom map click: Free Maps .

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