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A map that not only shows true size comparisons, but also turns the world upside down to challenge North-South perceptions. Based on the popularity of the Peters concept of equal area, we produced a similar map, the Hobo Dyer Projection, which offers less elongation than the Peters map but more compression at the poles. Available now ONLY as a custom map at $334 (48" wide)and up. Call 800-736-1293 for details. Usually printed without the text at top & bottom...but you can choose either way. We now have this map available in special Mead Museum colors as a stock item for as little as $20. See

Price:  $20.00

Hobo-Dyer Equal Area - The World Turned Upside Down - South-up/Africa-centered  

Spring roller mounted - 27'' x 48'' - $400.00
Laminated oversize 20'' x 64'' (no panels)- Price: $424.00
Synthetic paper oversize 20" x 64" -for framing- $464.00

This new map belongs to the family of Cylindrical Equal Area projections in which the latitude and longitude lines form a rectangular grid. Other projections in this family include the Lambert, Gall, Behrmann, Edwards and Peters. The HDP retains qualities of the other equal area cylindrical projections, but is more visually satisfying.

Commissioned by ODT, Inc., created by British cartographer, Mick Dyer, the map was derived by modifying the 1910 Behrmann projection. Behrmann placed the standard parallels at 30 north and south. On the HDP map, the "cylinder" is assumed to wrap round the globe and cut through it at 37 north and south. In order to preserve the equal area property the shapes of the landmasses become progressively flattened towards the poles, but shapes between 45 north and south are well preserved.

For more details on the Hobo-Dyer Map visit the link, What's Behind the Maps

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