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A map that not only shows true size comparisons, but also turns the world upside down to challenge North-South perceptions. Based on the popularity of the Peters concept of equal area, we produced a similar map, the Hobo Dyer Projection, which offers less elongation than the Peters map but more compression at the poles. Available now ONLY as a custom map at $334 (48" wide)and up. Call 800-736-1293 for details. Usually printed without the text at top & bottom...but you can choose either way. We now have this map available in special Mead Museum colors as a stock item for as little as $20. See

Price:  $20.00

Hobo-Dyer Equal Area - The World Turned Upside Down - South-up/Africa-centered  

From the Geography Department chairman:

"Thanks for allowing us permission to use your map on our recruiting poster. It was a huge success with the schools. We printed 6,000 copies last year and would like to double that this year. It is a very effective tool for getting our message out! Many schools have requested multiple copies of this very intriguing poster!"

Professor Jon May, Department of Geography, Queen Mary University of London


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