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A map that not only shows true size comparisons, but also turns the world upside down to challenge North-South perceptions. Based on the popularity of the Peters concept of equal area, we produced a similar map, the Hobo Dyer Projection, which offers less elongation than the Peters map but more compression at the poles. Available now ONLY as a custom map at $334 (48" wide)and up. Call 800-736-1293 for details. Usually printed without the text at top & bottom...but you can choose either way. We now have this map available in special Mead Museum colors as a stock item for as little as $20. See

Price:  $20.00

Hobo-Dyer Equal Area - The World Turned Upside Down - South-up/Africa-centered  

President Carter's Nobel Prize

Presidential Peace Prize Means New Map Goes International

When President Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10th in Oslo, Norway he took a map developed and published in Amherst, Massachusetts. The Carter Center chose ODT's new Hobo-Dyer map to display the 68 countries around the world in which the Center has worked since 1982.

Carter Center's Sarah Fedota, Assistant Director of Publications, explained she found the Hobo-Dyer Map while searching the web. "When Sarah asked to use our new map, I was flattered and honored," said the map's publisher, Howard Bronstein, president of ODT, Inc.

World maps come in a variety of projections and the Hobo-Dyer is one of the family of equal area...maps with land masses presented in true proportion to each other. Published in August of 2002, the Hobo-Dyer has an additional advantage of being much more shape-accurate than other popular equal area maps, like the Peters Map.

"As good a map as the Hobo-Dyer is, the central message of the image is even more important: it takes many points of view to see the truth," said Bob Abramms, ODT founder and developer of the new map. "That's probably not the reason the Carter Center picked our map, but it is a reason that the Hobo-Dyer should be in every classroom on our planet!"

This recent international attention is not the first time ODT's work has made headlines. In February of 2000 the Peters Projection Map was prominently featured on an episode of the hit TV series, WEST WING. Like Fedota, West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin found ODT's map resources while searching the Web. He ordered several sets of Peters Maps, which ODT distributes exclusively in North America. Since then, ODT has published a new book, SEEING THROUGH MAPS, the "What's Up? South!" World Map, and has two new provocative maps under wraps for release in the spring.

"Maps came to us. We have gone from management consulting and training to provocative map publishers. The central message of both businesses is the same: We are expanding people's perspectives and trying to provide as many points of view as possible," said Abramms.

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