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[Ages 12+, 500 pieces] A topsy turvy world in 500 pieces! This jigsaw is based on the Hobo Dyer Equal Area Projection, but flipped - so not only does it have countries represented in the correct size in relation to one another (which most maps don't), it turns our normal perception of up and down on its head!
Bonus: Includes 4 map postcards.
Regular Price - $49.95

Price:  $49.95

Upside Down World Jigsaw Puzzle  

So why turn the map upside down? Well, why not? It is completely artificial to have North at the top of a map. The convention only began a few centuries ago when European navigators started using the North star and the magnetic compass. Before that, the top of the map was to the East (which is the derivation of the word orientation). How does such a simple thing as reversing the poles influence your impression of what's important? This map's a great way to shake people up and help them question their assumptions, and it's even more fun and challenging when you have to put it together as a jigsaw.

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