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This display consists of a laminated 2002 Hobo-Dyer placemat map (11'' x 17'') along with 6 individual laminated Mercator comparison panels. The Hobo-Dyer map has two sturdy grommets at the top for hanging. At the bottom left is a 3rd grommet with a key ring. The ring holds the 6 comparison panels (taken from the bottom of the early version of the Peters wall map). These were originally used by our retailers for point-of-purchase educational displays. They are now available to classroom teachers. They are classic items and will never be published again. Limited quantities!

Hobo-Dyer Map Mini Display - 11'' x 17''

Grommeted Map with comparison panels $25.00
Grommeted Map only - no panels $10.95

Price:  $30.00

Hobo-Dyer Map Mini Display with Mercator Comparison Panels  

The Hobo-Dyer Desktop Map with grommets and display panels:

A map that not only shows true size comparisons, but also turns the world upside down to challenge North-South perceptions. Based on the popularity of the Peters concept of equal area, we produced a similar map, the Hobo Dyer Projection, which offers less elongation than the Peters map but more compression at the poles. This is the map that President Jimmy Carter used to display his agency's efforts at his Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in December 2002.

Due to the unusual proportions of the new map, ODT also printed eight other map projections for comparison purposes on the border of the map. The reverse side of the HDP map shows the exact same projection, but with two somewhat startling changes: south is on top and Australia is shown in the middle of the map. How does such a simple thing as reversing the poles or changing the "centering" influence your impression of what's important?

For more details on the Hobo-Dyer Map click: What's Behind the Maps.

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