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A book for parents, paper maps for kids, a DVD for all to watch, plus an inflatable Earth.
Save more than $30 by buying this combo pack rather than purchasing the individual products.
Combo Pack with inflatable 9” clear globe $69
Combo Pack with inflatable 16” clear globe $79

Price:  $69.00

Homeschooler -Back-to-School Combo Pack  

Here’s a package that can start some great conversations and activities between parents and students.

Parents can read up on the topic with our timely Seeing Through Maps book.
Kids can explore and compare two different Peters Maps (one Africa-centered, the other Pacific-centered) to the standard Mercator.
Compare them all to the inflatable transparent globe.

Then watch our fascinating DVD together.
A Free Teacher's Guide to the DVD, Many Ways to See the World is available under FREE MAPS & MORE! on the left-hand tool bar, with lots of great questions and discussion topics.

There’s also the option to upgrade your purchase with one of our larger inflatable globes.

NOTE: To give you this fabulous price, we are packaging our DVD in a simple paper sleeve. No frills… just lots of value… plus we’ll include some bonus map postcards.

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