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A do-it-yourself Hugg-A-Planet. Just the ''skin'' and you stuff it yourself, and sew up a small hole. This is one of the few toys shared by Presidents, Members of Congress, and many other world, business and religious leaders. Available in three languages. Over 600 places labeled. 12" in diameter. Special Holiday Gift-Packs available...
Price:  $14.95

Hugg-A-Planet Earth - Do it Yourself  

A do-it-yourself Hugg-A-Planet. Just the "skin" and you stuff it yourself, and sew up a small hole. Our loveable Planet is embraced by many movie, television, and music celebrities. In some small way the Hugg-A-Planet is responsible for MOTHER EARTH to finally be hugged, a millions of times over. Thousands of schools use a Hugg-A-Planet Earth in the classroom. Many people have this soft cuddly at home, always in arms reach for easy reference. It is an opportunity for the family to interact; to discover where a place is or where grandma lives, or for planning vacations. Available in three languages: English, Spanish & French. Pricing at under $15. Over 600 places labeled on the Hugg-A-Planet, Earth. 12" in diameter when filled.

Special 2014 Holiday Gift Bundles that include the Hugg-A-Planet

Bundle #1: $39.99
Get a Hugg-A-Planet plus the following items:
Seeing Through Maps (our bestselling book) retails for $24.95
What's Up? South! Map 24”x36” paper folded - retails for $13.95
Mercator Wall Map, paper, folded - 30" x 43" - retails for $20.00
Hobo-Dyer Map, equal area, south-on-top, paper folded - 21" x 33" - retails for $20.00
Plus four world map postcards (McArthur, Peters, Population, & Bucky Fuller Dymaxion)
TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE = $97.89  -- Pay only $39.99

Bundle #2: $69.99
Get a Hugg-A-Planet plus all the items in Bundle #1 PLUS:
World Population Map, paper folded 35”x52”  - retails for $20.00
ODT’s DVD, Many Ways to See The World, 30 min plus Bonus features, retails for $39.95
Self-Esteem Passports (set of 2) 32-pages do-it-yourself course in self-esteem, $13.90
TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE = $171.74  -- Pay only $69.99 (and get free shipping!)

Sorry – no substitutions for these value-packed packages

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