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A do-it-yourself Hugg-A-Planet. Just the ''skin'' and you stuff it yourself, and sew up a small hole. This is one of the few toys shared by Presidents, Members of Congress, and many other world, business and religious leaders. Available in three languages. Over 600 places labeled. 12" in diameter. Special Holiday Gift-Packs available...
Price:  $14.95

Hugg-A-Planet Earth - Do it Yourself  

The stuffing options are limited only by your creativity!
You can stuff it with old rags.
How about those left-over packing peanuts ... but don't use the water soluble, eco-friendly kind or your planet will get a "flat tire" look.
You can buy a bale of fair-trade certified organically grown cotton for $2,000 and stuff the skins for every kid in the school or neighborhood.
In Banglasdesh the planets were stuffed by children with recycled (clean) plastic bags...a great way to keep the bags out of the landfill!
When you are done, simply sew up the 1.5" diameter hole and your Hugg-A-Planet Earth is ready to roll!

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