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Provides valuable resources for identifying (and correcting) pre-existing fallacies and stereotypes held by students. Also a great self-study tool for individuals who want to better understand the Islamic world. Loaded with activities, exercises, pre-tests. Appropriate for elementary, middle, or high school social studies courses, as well as college-level survey courses. International customers - refer to drop-down menu for shipping options. Originally published by NCGE for $20. Sale Price = $7.00. Paperback 8.5x11" 128 pages.
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Teaching About the Islamic World  

An interesting mix of human and physical geography themes as related to the Islamic world and its people. Helps students understand the patterns of multi-ethnicity in the Islamic world, and useful to lay out the various defining layers of identity, including diversity of Islamic belief, kinship identity, language and nation-state-based identity. Seldom has there been a more compelling reason for confronting existing opinions, fears and misconceptions.
The goal of Teaching About the Islamic World is to provide a substantive overview and discussion of content, as well as useful resources and classroom ideas. A wide range of articles by contributors from varied backgrounds address an interesting mix of both human and physical themes as related to the Islamic world and its people. For the convenience of classroom educators who will use the book to plan lessons and classroom activities, the articles incorporate the National Geography Standards and specify which ones are applicable. Provides educators with practical and worthwhile ideas for teaching about various topics related to the Islamic world.

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