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Language Poster. Two years of research, design, and consultation with Stanford University linguists went into the production of this beautiful chart. Colorful and filled with fascinating and useful information. With it you can trace the history of the English language, find out how Tiwi relates to Pitjantjatjara, or discover the current top 12 languages of the world. Size of both the poster stock and paper/folded versions is approx 21'' x 33''. Available in heavy duty poster stock rolled in a tube $199.95. Or folded paper poster saddle stitched into a 12-page teacher's supplement with articles and activities for the classroom or home. $9.95
Digital Version of MAP & Magazine available on our new web site.

Updated Equal Area Language Map posters available in 2019 from Teachers Discovery.

Price:  $29.95

Language Families of the World Poster  

The on-line Word Detective is a treasure trove for WORD enthusiasts.
For current stats on the use of English and another map showing the spread of the English language over the non-English speaking world.
Detailed statistics on speakers of 110 major languages plus a combined image of the nearly 7000 other languages that are spoken in the world.
See also the
Language Museum
Language Museum is a linguistic website which provides samples of 1200 languages in the world.
Language Families Be sure to check out their Related Pages and External Language Links for The 30 Most Spoken Languages of the World, and a most interesting page on Writing.
A Linkage of Languages Valuable site on "African Science" that calls attention to the work of Joseph Greenberg from UCLA.
Ancient Scripts Provides a great deal of very useful information on the Indo-European, Afro-Asiatic, Uralic, and Sino-Tibetan language families. Lists of common nouns (including numbers) are provided in various languages in each of these families. 

Wikipedia links with relevant URLs include
Language family and List of language families

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