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Ambassador Pack A - durable materials for the classroom
15 laminated maps shipped in a long tube or box. $159.95
See detail page (click on image) for complete listing.


Ambassador Pack B - compact, foldable & easy to store, shipped in a rectangular box (See detail page (click on image) for complete listing.)
folded paper maps  $159.94
15 maps plus book and DVD shipped in a rectangular box
Retail value: over $285.
See detail page (click on image) for complete listing.

Price:  $159.95

Map Ambassador Pack  

Ambassador-B Paper folded maps $159.94

Peters Equal Area Wall Map - 2014 (39.5x50") folded paper  

What´s Up South World Map (36x56") folded paper     

Population Map - 2015  (35x50") folded paper  

Mercator Wall Map Laminated, 30" x 43" folded paper 

McArthur´s Universal Corrective Map 30" x 43" folded paper  

Buckminster Fuller Raleigh Edition Dymaxion Map folded paper, 22x34"     

Peters Desktop Map w. Explanation (11x17 in.)  folded paper  

Population Desktop Map - 2015 11x17" folded paper  

Hobo-Dyer Equal Area 2015 -  11x17"  folded paper     

Hobo-Dyer - Mead Museum version 18x36 2014 folded paper   

Pacific-centered Peters Equal Area Map 25x32" folded paper 

Equal Area Map of the USA Desktop Map: 13.5 '' X 22"

Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Desktop Map 11x17"    

U.S.A. as seen from Canada  approx 2x3'        

Language Families of the World Magazine and Poster

Seeing Through Maps - Many Ways to See the World, 2nd edition  

Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man DVD        

Self-Esteem Passport (min-workbook) 32 pages       

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