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A fascinating 30-minute exploration into the minds of twelve mapmakers. This revised version of our popular video comes loaded with bonus features, including:
      Over 70 PowerPoint images with links to map resources around the world
      Preview of our upcoming film, Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man 
      Radio interviews as MP3 audio files 
      Book excerpts
      Bonus footage and trailers.
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Individual Purchase Price: $39.95
Individuals only can purchase companion book for $2 more Only $41.95 with Seeing Through Maps book - save $22.95
Institutional Purchase Price: $89.00
(unlimited reproduction rights per institutional site)
NEW LOW-COST OPTION: Video Download - Only $4.95 - we will email you a link (no bonus features)  -  File size = 243,055KB     M4V Format

Price:  $39.95

Many Ways to See the World DVD  

Praise for the video/DVD, Many Ways to See the World

"Many Ways to See the World is more than a fascinating lesson about maps. It opens the mind of the viewer to profound perspectives on the interconnectedness of human beings everywhere. I hope it will be shown in classrooms all over the country." --- Howard Zinn, author A People's History of the United States

An intriguing new video with a big message for a very low cost!...A fascinating exploration of world maps and their ability to convey powerful and lasting images...Trainers can find many uses [including] sessions on critical and analytical thinking; cross-cultural training; negotiating differences; and more. Viewers will find it motivational, entertaining, and educational. ---Government Training News

Your illustrated lecture is very well done. You clearly demonstrate the relativity of map construction, how a particular projection relates to its intended use. You show cartographers as real people who have specific goals in mind. Their pictures and your comments about them feed into your "empowerment" sub-theme--that change comes because individuals (maybe even when young and alone) take initiatives. Further, I appreciate allowing teachers to make copies of the video/DVD. One of my frustrations when teaching was finding effective materials that were not prohibitively expensive and/or restricted. ---Brant Abrahamson, Teachers' Press

This video is a delightful and wondrous resource to discover new ways to see the world. ---Claire O'Brien, museum educator, Springfield Museums, Springfield, MA

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