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Unique downunder viewpoint with cheeky Aussie humor. Stuart McArthur drew his first South-up map when he was 12 years old. At age 15, after being tormented for coming from the ''bottom of the world,'' Stuart resolved to one day publish a map with Australia at the top. Six years later, while at Melbourne University, he produced the world's first ''modern'' south-up map and launched it on Australia day in 1979. It has sold over 350,000 copies to date. Prices from $20. Many formats on sale now!

Price:  $29.95

McArthur´s Universal Corrective Map  

Putting Australia at the top half of a map, as was done in McArthur's Universal Corrective Map (1979), may seem like the work of some prankster in the Outback, but in fact, there is no intrinsic reason to put the Southern Hemisphere at the bottom. Nor is there a universal mandate that requires the "Prime Meridian" to pass through Greenwich, England. Instead, these are choices based on mapmakers' objectives and biases. Like other choices in mapping, they show how individuals in a particular time and place perceived their world.

Laminated, rolled, tubed - 23'' x 35'' $39.95
Glossy paper, folded - 23'' x 35'' $20.00 
Laminated, not tubed - 23'' x 35'' $25.00 Sale $22.00
Laminated, not tubed / Second - 23'' x 35'' $22.00 Sale $19.00
Glossy paper, folded 23'x35'' shipped internationally - $32.00

McArthur postcards and magnets also available. 

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