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Originally designed for the Amherst College Mead Art Museum. Created for the Museum at 7 feet wide, ODT has produced a version for your home that fits stock size 24''x36'' poster frames. “The World Turned Upside Down” has never been more elegant!...and afforable. An Equal Area Hobo-Dyer projection with a variety of paper options to fit all budgets & tastes. Click the drop-down menu to pick your choice of paper stock. AVAILABLE now!   Visit our new Mobile-Friendly web site

Price:  $17.50

Hobo-Dyer - Mead Museum version  

Oxford Cartographers worked with the Mead Museum staff to create the stunning map above. Oxford Cartographers specializes in providing quality bespoke custom mapping solutions to both UK and International companies. They create diary maps, maps for publishers, town centre maps, 3D mapping, tourist maps, and bible maps. They also offer personalised and interactive mapping solutions.  For non-ODT maps, contact them directly at +44 (0) 1865 882884.  
Or email Penny Watson at
Learn about them online at

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