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An excellent regional map of tremendous importance for the education of students and adults. Place names in as many as 8 different languages, depending on the languages used in the specific country. The scale is 1:4,000,000.
Economical paper folded version. $19.95. Size: 35x49
Copyright-free teaching maps also available at additional cost.

Price:  $19.95

Middle East map - 2009  

Two organizations that we heartily endorse have some great resources about the Middle East.
Project Look Sharp has a free 250-page kit that covers stereotyping of Arab people, the Arab/Israeli conflict, the war in Iraq and militant Muslim movements. The kit includes 22 lessons with 14 different types of media from documentaries, Disney films, TV news, maps, textbooks and web sites. See Media Construction of the Middle East  (level - Middle School through College).
The Media Education Foundation has produced an outstanding film deconstructing media portrayal of Arab stereotypes. You can preview the entire film Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People for free on-line. The film retails for $250, however due to a gift from a generous donor they are able to offer subsidized prices to high schools ($10), public libraries ($10), and college Communication or Journalism departments ($50).

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