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Handbook to the Peters Projection World Map--3rd edition, 2005
A 44-page, easy-to-read booklet comparing the Peters map to other projections, explaining the background and message of the Peters map, and answering the most frequently asked questions. Loaded with teaching tips and suggestions for classroom use. 

Price:  $24.95

A New View of the World  

Since Dr. Arno Peters introduced his map in 1974 there has been a firestorm of debate. Peters was one of the first to assert that maps are unavoidably political. His map claimed to show "Fairness to All Peoples" providing an area accurate portrayal of the world. Today, this equal area map continues to have passionate fans as well as staunch critics.

World mission and aid-giving agencies use the Peters map because it serves to represent the developing countries at their true proportion. People feel pride in their country when its relative size is shown accurately. The Peters map has been widely adopted elsewhere, but still remains a curiosity in the United States.

A New View of the World delves into the reasoning and theory used to create this controversial projection. A must-have accessory to the Peters World Map.

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