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The equal area Peters Map has attracted more press coverage, both praise and criticism, than any other map in history. It was featured in the hit TV show,The West Wing. Now, for the first time in North America, the Peters Map is available with one more novel, thought-provoking twist...the Pacific Ocean is in the middle. Prices range from $9.95 for folded paper (20.5'' x 32'') to $249 for a 64'' wide custom map.

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Pacific-centered Peters Equal Area Map  

This new map brings your visual focus onto the oceans instead of the land and "feels" quite different from the Africa-centered Peters Map. This map will challenge students to think about the world, and USA-centrism, in a whole new way, providing an entree into many topics of discussion. This Pacific-centered version is color-coded as a "physical relief" map showing mountain ranges, different types of terrain, etc. 

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