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The Earth in True Proportion - 2002 edition. This unique atlas is the first to show each country at the same scale, and at its true size in relation to the rest of the world. The Peters Atlas includes 246 thematic world maps, all in color, offering a complete, in-depth picture of the state of the world, covering everything from climate, religions, and population structure to details on unemployment, sports, life expectancy and internet use. Original hardcover was $50. Then this special edition was released ata paperback price of $19.95. Hardcover - 231 pages - 9" x 12" format

Price:  $19.95
Sale Price: $9.95
Savings: $10.00

Peters Compact World Atlas  

"Your entire worldview will change once you study this unique atlas…The best part of this book, however, is the section "Nature, Man and Society in 246 Thematic Maps." Each presents a single subject expressed entirely in terms of color: dark for high values; light for low ones. This makes it easy to see and assimilate the maps' content--an important feature since up to 16 can be dedicated to a single subject. Moreover, over 40,000 pieces of individual information have been compiled for these 246 maps." ---USA Today (Magazine)
"An atlas to take us into the twenty-first century; an atlas that seems perfectly in tune with our growing spirit of internationalism." ---Publishing News, U.K.
"The Peters Atlas marks a great leap forward in our conception of the world - it should find a place on every bookshelf." ---Evening Telegraph, U.K.
"Never mind thrillers, give me an atlas for bedtime reading."---The Post, U.K.
"Astonishingly lifelike maps capture the beauty and the variety of the face of the earth"--Bookcase, U.K
"The Peters Atlas shows the world as we've never seen it before, removing Man's misconceptions of the geography of his planet."---Evening News, U.K.
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