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A revised up-to-date desktop map (perfect for a placemat as well). Classic Peters colors on the front with all the detail that can fit. Includes a key with abbreviations for small countries, capitals noted along with coding for city size. Includes major rivers, lakes, and seas as well as mountain ranges. Perfect for grades 4-6 state geography standards. Suitable for adults as well as business situations. All new EXPLANATION printed in B&W on the reverse side. Laminated version comes in rounded corners with sturdy 3 mil, 2-sided edge seal lamination. Comes folded or full-size in a variety of paper options.   Visit our new Mobile-Friendly web site
Price:  $6.00

Peters Desktop Map w. Explanation (11x17 in.)  

ISBN #        -                 call 800-736-1293 for customer assistance                      9781931057288   Peters DVD Radical Map Remarkable Man  UPC = 8-5600000109-3        9781931057363   Peters Wall Map Paper folded 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels)9781931057370   Peters wall paper rolled & tubed 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels)9781931057387   Peters wall laminated bulk 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels)9781931057394   Peters wall laminated gift-tube 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels) 9781931057400   Peters 11x17” desktop paper (with explanation on back)9781931057417   Peters 11x17” desktop laminated (with explanation on back)9781931057431   Peters Map 24 x 36” laminated (map only)                                  9781931057448   Peters Map 24 x 36” paper folded (map only)     9781931057493   Peters Map 24 x 36 laminated (w. side & bottom panels)9781931057509   Peters Map 24 x 36 paper folded (w. side & bottom panels)9781931057516   Peters Map 24 x 36 paper rolled (w. side & bottom panels)      9781931057523   Peters Map 24 x 36 paper rolled (map only)

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