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This display consists of a laminated Peters Mini-map (11'' x 17'') along with 6 individual laminated Mercator comparison panels. The Peters map has two sturdy grommets at the top for hanging. At the bottom left is a 3rd grommet with a key ring. The ring holds the 6 comparison panels (taken from the bottom of the wall size map) and a Peters laminated postcard. These were originally used by our retailers for point-of-purchase educational displays. They are now available to classroom teachers. Map with panels $28.00. Grommeted map alone $10.95 These are classic items and will never be published again. Limited quantities! Free older Peters maps from our newsletter are all donated.

Peters Map Mini Display - 11'' x 17''

Price:  $28.00
Sale Price: $19.95
Savings: $8.05


Peters Map Mini Display with Mercator Comparison Panels  

Download a free 11x17 Peters Map (with boundaries; no country names).

FREE Peters Map

We've had many requests for the 11" x 17" placemat size Peters map with up-to-date boundaries (and the country names left off). NOW... For the first time, ODT is offering our clients, customers, and the general public a copyright-free version of the Peters Projection world map.

Download any of the Black & White versions offered here at whatever resolution is most appropriate for your use. Each version includes major rivers and contains hill-shading relief suggesting land elevations.

Reproduction of these Black and White Peters Maps requires the following conditions be met: (1) maps may not be altered in proportions, (2) maps for distribution may not be "colorized" (free reproduction is permitted only for the B&W format), and (3) you must keep the web sites as they are listed on the map. Map images can be copied freely for any non-profit educational use. To reprint these maps in any commercial context contact ODT at 1-800-736-1293 or .

The map on the lower left is appropriate to a small 640/480 screen. The middle image is appropriate to a large 1280/1024 screen (middle), and an 11" x 17" printable size (to the right) is probably too large for any screen, and may take some time to download due to its size!

Full color, full featured Peters maps are available for purchase: Click Here

To download:

  1. Click your image.
  2. Right click the popup window and choose save.

Small size print

Medium size print

Large size print

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