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Teachers and seminar presenters will appreciate this mind-expanding handout. On the back, the question is posed, ''Are you ready for a new world view?'' There's also a short explanation of the Peters Projection and URLs for more information. Plus a scannable QR Code for ODT's 30 minute map video - MANY WAYS TO SEE THE WORLD. Plus a QR code that links to the trailer for ODT's documentary about Arno Peters - featuring the famous video clip from THE WEST WING   25 Pack - $25.00
Promotional postcards at 6x9" (map on one side and advertizing on the back with web links to our partner organization, New Internationalist)
are also available - 6x9" postcard and cheaper also. Go to:  or search our web site for "Peters Map Promotional Postcards"

Price:  $3.00

Peters Map Postcard  

Send a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope to ODT, and we’ll be happy to send you a sample Peters Map Postcard.
Mail to: ODT, PO Box 134, Amherst MA 01004
International customers, please be sure to apply sufficient postage for 1 oz. First class mail
You can also download a free 11x17 Peters Map (with boundaries; no country names) by visiting our link:, Free Maps and More .

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