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Includes one of each laminated map:

  • Peters Projection Wall Map - 35'' x 51''
  • Hobo-Dyer (one side north-up, one side south-up) - 11'' x 17''
  • Standard Mercator Projection - 30'' x 43''
  • What's Up? South! World Map - 36'' x 56''


  • A New View of the World (explains a variety of cartographic approaches and principles, along with the key message of fairness in the Peters Map)
  • Peters Postcard
  • 4-page Peters Map explanation
  • Also packed with article reprints and resources for teachers

Price:  $109.00

Deluxe Peters Map Teacherīs/Trainerīs Package  

For more information on all of the four maps included in the Deluxe Peters Map Combo-Pack visit our link, Behind the Maps

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