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Includes two laminated maps:

  • Peters Projection Wall Map - 39'' x 50'' (map may have minor nicks)
  • Hobo-Dyer Equal-area, Two-sided Map (North up; South up) - 11'' x l7''
  • A New View of the World (explains a variety of cartographic approaches and principles, along with the key message of fairness in the Peters Map)
  • Peters Postcard
  • Four-page Peters Map explanation
  • Also packed with article reprints and resources for teachers.

Price:  $139.00

Peters Map Teacher´s Package  

One of the most controversial images of the world, the Peters Map was first introduced by Dr. Arno Peters in 1974, and generated a firestorm of debate. Peters was one of the first to assert that maps are unavoidably political. His map claimed to show "Fairness to All Peoples" providing an area accurate portrayal of the world. Today, this equal area map continues to have passionate fans as well as staunch critics.

Important Features of the Peters Map:

  • The Peters Map is an equal area map.
  • This new map shows all areas - whether countries, continents or oceans - according to their actual size. Accurate comparisons become possible.
  • The Peters Map is an equal axis map.
  • All North-South lines run vertical on this map. Thus, geographic points can be seen in their precise directional relationship.
  • The Peters Map shows equal positions.

Standard Teacher's Pack - $79 shipped to USA destinations (laminated wall map & laminated desktop map)

Teacher's pack (paper folded maps) for Int'l Cust $61

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