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This is our newest map, with complete cartographic updates as of July, 2011. This Africa-centered Peters Map is available on a custom basis with topgraphical features and 3-D hillshading. Prices range from $300 to $700 for an 80'' wide custom map. Also available as a high quality puzzle (32''x47'') 250 pieces for $300 (including a case)


Price:  $0.00

Peters Topographic Africa-centered  

This Africa-centered Peters map is color-coded as a "physical relief" map showing mountain ranges, different types of terrain, etc. It also has cities and political boundaries which are less prominant than the standard Peters Map.

Laminated map 32x48"  Price: $400
Synthetic paper 32x48"
  Price: $449
Laminated map 43x64"  Price: $550 
Synthetic paper 43x64"  Price: $590
Laminated map 54x80"  Price: $700 
Synthetic paper
  Price: $750

High Quality Puzzle 32"x47" - 250 pieces $300 (includes case)
Spring roller mounted - 30.5'' x 48'' Price:$470.00
Also available on a custom basis up to 20 feet wide. Email us for a quote

Important Features of the Peters Map: 

The Peters Map is an equal area map.
The map shows all areas - whether countries, continents or oceans - according to their actual size. Accurate comparisons become possible.
The Peters Map is an equal axis map.
All North-South lines run vertical on this map. Thus, geographic points can be seen in their precise directional relationship.
The Peters Map shows equal positions.

For more details on the Peters Map visit the link,
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