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This is our newest map, with complete cartographic updates as of July, 2011. This Africa-centered Peters Map is available on a custom basis with topgraphical features and 3-D hillshading. Prices range from $300 to $700 for an 80'' wide custom map. Also available as a high quality puzzle (32''x47'') 250 pieces for $300 (including a case)


Price:  $0.00

Peters Topographic Africa-centered  


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9781931057141  Pacific-Centered Peters folded 20.5x32"                

9781931057240  Pacific-Centered Peters laminated/tubed   

9781931057288  Peters DVD Radical Map Remarkable Man UPC = 8-5600000109-3 

9781931057363  Peters Wall Map Paper folded 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels)

9781931057370  Peters wall paper rolled & tubed 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels)

9781931057387  Peters wall laminated bulk 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels)

9781931057394  Peters wall laminated gift-tube 39.5x50" (w. bottom panels)

9781931057400  Peters 11x17” desktop paper (with explanation on back)

9781931057417  Peters 11x17” desktop laminated (with explanation on back)

9781931057431  Peters Map 24 x 36” laminated (map only)                          

9781931057448  Peters Map 24 x 36” paper folded (map only)         

9781931057493  Peters Map 24 x 36 laminated (w. side & bottom panels)

9781931057509  Peters Map 24 x 36 paper folded (w. side & bottom panels)

9781931057516  Peters Map 24 x 36 paper rolled (w. side & bottom panels)         

9781931057523  Peters Map 24 x 36 paper rolled (map only)

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