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Strebe Lenticular Equal-area projection - This equal area map is intriguing and beautiful. B&W student desk-top maps of the continent outline are availableat our FREE MAPS & MORE page (see left-hand tool bar). This unique color map, first developed in 1995 by daan Strebe, is only available on a custom basis. Optionson BACKGROUND page.

Price:  $120.00

Strebe Lenticular Equal-area  

  laminated map at 36" wide $295.00
  laminated map at 48" wide $334.00
  laminated map at 64" wide $424.00
  SPRING-ROLLER at 48" wide - $400 
  SPRING-ROLLER at 64" wide - $550 
  laminated w. wooden rails; 36" - $330 
  laminated w. wooden rails; 48"- $369 
  laminated w. wooden rails; 54"- $439
  Synthetic paper 36" $295.00 (for framing) tearproof and waterproof 
  Synthetic paper 48" $334.00
  Synthetic paper 54" $249.00 

The Strebe Lenticular Equal-area projection was first introduced at the NACIS conference in 1995. It was created as a result of daan Strebe's Geocart software program. It shares the excellent qualities of being equal-area with the Peters and Hobo-Dyer maps, but has less distortion of shapes, especially at the high latitudes. If we can agree that maps don't have to completely fill up rectangular sheets of paper, then we allow for the possibility of an interesting world map image such as this one. The use of the curved shape makes for an aesthetically pleasing image that reminds us of many of the famous "compromise" projections used by the National Geographic Society  (NGS) over the last 80 years (the Van der Grinten, the Robinson, and most recently the Winkel-Tripel). We sometimes wonder why the equal area quality that ODTmaps finds so important has never caught on with the NGS. Well we're not going to wait for them to adopt it, so you can get a custom map here in full-color at a variety of sizes in many formats.
We also make this map available to you as a free B&W download outline map on our
FREE MAPS & MORE page. See the next tab for why we call it "Lenticular."

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