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Strebe Lenticular Equal-area projection - This equal area map is intriguing and beautiful. B&W student desk-top maps of the continent outline are availableat our FREE MAPS & MORE page (see left-hand tool bar). This unique color map, first developed in 1995 by daan Strebe, is only available on a custom basis. Optionson BACKGROUND page.

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Strebe Lenticular Equal-area  

The more familiar categories of map projections are described by well-accepted names such as cylindrical or conic. But what do you do when something breaks the mold? Researchers have many names for projections whose parallels and meridians are both curved even when viewed from the equatorial perspective. The author of this projection prefers the term “lenticular”, meaning, “lens-shaped”. Besides this projection, the category also contains the better-known Hammer, Aitoff, and Winkel Tripel projections. They are all characterized by straight central meridians, straight equators, and curved parallels and meridians otherwise. They are symmetric both north/south and east/west. Lastly, the parallels do not increase their separation from equator to poles (and in fact usually decrease), and meridians do not increase in separation from central meridian to outer edge (and in fact usually decrease).

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