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NOTE: Revised version available with 2015 statistics

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Each map comes with the reproducible report, If the World Were a Village... great statistics for expanding awareness. The following are a few excerpts from Donella H. Meadows report. For more information, see our link, What's Behind the Maps.  These statistics BELOW are for 2005.
The 2015 Village report is much more grim in terms of global inequality.
We'll have it available in September 2014.

If the world were a village of only 100 people, there would be:

  • 60 Asians,
  • 14 Africans,
  • 12 Europeans,
  • 8 people from Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean,
  • 5 from the USA and Canada, and
  • 1 person from Australia or New Zealand.

In the village there would be:

  • 33 Christians,
  • 22 Moslems,
  • 15 Hindus,
  • 14 Nonreligious, Agnostics, or Atheists,
  • 6 Buddhists,
  • 10 all other religions.

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