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NOTE: Revised version available with 2015 statistics

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The Cartograms: Images #2-6

During the development of the continent based cartograms many skills were required, including: geography, art, and math. These are the same basic skills that are required in the development of any cartogram such as the main image of this map. In my case the basic population numbers were provided for the different cartograms by Fred Pearce, and Bob Abramms suggested his recommendations for the scales. One main concern while creating the cartograms was that they needed to appear as similar as possible to each other while also resembling the overall shapes of the continents in the main image.

In order to accomplish this, the scale for each of the cartograms needed to be manipulated to achieve the similarity while also accurately representing the human population for each of the time frames. This resulted in a multi step process where the scale and general shapes was manipulated for each of the cartograms. During each phase of this process the cartograms were reviewed and compared by Bob Abramms and myself until the cartograms were completed. One of the main problems encountered during this process was maintaining consistency of the overall shape and locations of the continents in the cartograms when compared to each other and the main image.

Population Density: Image #7

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