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With the look and feel of a real passport, this booklet is an engaging and upbeat resource for improving self-esteem - the "passport" to a happier, healthier life. Sections focus on the recognition of personal strengths, triumphs, and achievements -- the essential self-esteem catalysts. A great tool for individuals and groups; also makes a fantastic gift! Grades 6-adult. 32 pages - 3.75" x 6.25" format. Includes a great collection of multicultural quotes.Single Passport - $6.95
Gift Pack of 6- $33.00 Classroom Pack of 30 - $145.95

Price:  $6.95

Self-Esteem Passport  

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A Passport to Self-Esteem

Employees with high self-esteem often are more productive and exhibit superior levels of performance. Top management experts such as Tom Peters and Ken Blanchard champion the need to foster self-esteem in American corporations. General Motors and Rockwell have adopted self-esteem enhancing programs for their employees. What can your company do to boost employee self-esteem?
The Self-Esteem Passport may just be the answer. This thirty page self-study course in self-esteem, published by ODT, Inc. of Amherst Massachusetts, makes the concept of workplace self-esteem easy to introduce. "Many corporations give them out to employees as a tool -- assisting workers to increase their confidence and self-esteem. Other firms use them as part of management training courses to reinforce the link between the manager's self-esteem and his/her use of effective management practices, notes ODT's president, Howard Bronstein.

With an original passport-look, the Self-Esteem Passport leads the passport holder step-by-step through the process of creating a positive self-image. Acceptance of Faults, Sense of Humor, and the Power of Failure are three of its nineteen empowering sections. The table of contents and seven sample pages are on the web at The Passport is an easy, cost-effective way for any company to make a positive impact on their employees and the bottom line.

The Self-Esteem Passport is available from ODT, Box 134, Amherst MA 01004. Order from 800-736-1293 or from The cost is $6.95. Bulk pricing is available.

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