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Seeing Through Maps - Many Ways to See the World, 2nd edition
This revised edition of our best-seller takes a hard look at the truths and distortions contained in maps. Includes a provocative new chapter on the politics and power of mapping.
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152 pages, 70+ images, 11'' x 8-1/2'' format, price $24.95

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Price:  $24.95

Seeing Through Maps  

Many Ways to See the World
2nd edition
by Denis Wood, Ward Kaiser, & Bob Abramms
The authors of this dynamic book challenge the popular world-view by questioning a number of map images and the specific messages they communicate. Maps imply a truth, but that truth can be quite skewed depending on the viewpoint of the map creator. This book takes a hard look at truth by carefully inspecting some familiar, and not-so-familiar, map images and exploring their significance.
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