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Seeing Through Maps - Many Ways to See the World, 2nd edition
This revised edition of our best-seller takes a hard look at the truths and distortions contained in maps. Includes a provocative new chapter on the politics and power of mapping.
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152 pages, 70+ images, 11'' x 8-1/2'' format, price $24.95

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Price:  $24.95

Seeing Through Maps  

"I especially appreciate the "connections" between maps and meanings. These clearly go beyond what is typically taught and thought about, and make the book unique in its field. Highly recommended."---An Ivy League University President (school policy prohibits use of names in any endorsement)
"…compulsively readable...You discussed a number of projections I had known nothing about, and even succeed in making some new points about Mercator. ---Prof. John H. Andrews, Dept. of Geography, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
An ingenious way of looking at the world with creative imagination.” -- Howard Zinn, author A People's History of the United States
"High school students can begin to view maps through a philosophical and critical lens, adding a whole new dimension to their study of geography and world history."---Teaching Tolerance Magazine of the Southern Poverty Law Center
“… absolutely the best introduction available on map projections, their history and importance. The appendix’s summary of 14 projections - their strengths and weaknesses - is probably worth the price of the book. The text weaves the theory and history of maps-at-large - from mental maps to amateur work to high cartography - into a seamless thematic whole…erudite and invigorating…satisfying and illuminating…”
-- Cartographica, Tom Koch, Dept of Geography, University of British Columbia
" I plan to use Seeing Through Maps in my course on African Diaspora…it's a beautiful study that prepares students to think using multiple perspectives. Thanks!" ---Ivor Miller, African Diaspora Studies, DePaul University

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"The overall intent of the book, as well as the companion DVD, is to get readers to look at as many different points of view as possible regarding images of our Earth or portions thereof. Readers are encouraged to believe that no single map is completely correct or completely wrong. It depends on what a map is made for whether it succeeds or not. Through the liberal use of illustrations, readers are given the chance to note the pros and cons of each map projection, and/or to see how well a particular map suits its original purpose...

"Seeing Through Maps and its companion DVD remind us that maps are very powerful tools with an ongoing influence on world events and popular culture that is virtually unsurpassed by any other means. There are as many different maps as there are viewpoints, and their power is in the hands of the person or group whose needs and vision they most fully convey."

From a review by Mary L. Johnson
Published in Winter 2007 issue of Cartographic Perspectives


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