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Leonard Guelke created this projection to tell you exactly how far it was from anywhere on Earth to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Draw a straight line on this map from Toronto to anywhere in the world and, with some simple math, you've got the real-world distance. In order to achieve this benefit, you need to sacrifice some shapes and sizes.
Original poster size laminated 30x31 Price: $295.00
Original size synthetic paper 30x31 (suitable for framing Price: $284.00
Spring roller mounted - 46'' x 48'' Price: $374.00
Laminated oversize 62'' x 64'' Price: $404.00
Synthetic paper oversize 54'' x 56'' (suitable for framing) Price: $424
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Price:  $99.00

Toronto-centered world map poster  

This map has limitations even with regard to distance. You can accurately measure the distance from Toronto to, say, Paris, France or to Caracas, Venezuela, but not between Caracas and Paris. The given scale does not apply. The only constant distances are those from Toronto. That's what the map claims. That's exactly what it delivers.

Is this a good map? Actually, it is a very good map–for a very limited purpose. But as soon as you try to make it do something it was not intended to do, you have created a problem. Note the language: the map doesn't create the problem, the user does.

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