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The traditional world map is poorly suited to understanding global relationships in an era in which these relationships have become increasingly important to all peoples on earth including, in no small measure, people in the USA.
   laminated map at 36” wide $120.00
   laminated map at 48” wide $159.00
   laminated map at 54” wide $229.00
   SPRING-ROLLER at 48" wide - $199
   SPRING-ROLLER at 64" wide - $249
   laminated w. wooden rails; 36” - $155
   laminated w. wooden rails; 48”- $194
   laminated w. wooden rails; 54”- $264
   Synthetic paper 36” $140.00 (for framing) tearproof and waterproof
   Synthetic paper 48” $179.00
   Synthetic paper 54” $249.00
Price:  $120.00


The unique advantages of the Lambert's Azimuthal projection provide the basis for ODT's revolutionary new world reference map for people of the USA. On this map Americans can appreciate, at a glance, the global situation of their country, get a precise idea of where other countries are relative to their homeland and get an accurate indication of the shortest travel routes to all other places on earth. No other map has these properties. As a bonus, the Lambert is also an equal area projection giving map users an accurate idea of the size of the USA relative to all other countries on earth. All these advantages do have a cost -- they are achieved at the expense of shape distortions near the edges of the map. On this map Americans can see, for example, that for them India lies on the far side of the earth (over the North Pole), that their shortest routes to Japan or China are over Alaska (with Hawaii nowhere in sight) and that West Australia (to the south west), Madagascar (to the south east) and Antarctica (to the south) are the land areas that are as far away from the USA as it is possible to be.

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