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This is the most exciting and beautiful map we've seen in quite a while. It is a 14-sided polyhedral projection addressing both distortion and partitioning of land masses. The butterfly layout combines legibility and low distortion. This almost-equal-area version wall map (1996) is available now at a special price. A 2012 Waterman Pacific version and Waterman 2012 Atlantic version are now available directly from Steve Waterman. All Waterman maps are paper maps.
In USA, order the paper, rolled, tubed 1996 version - 26.5'' x 38''  $38.95
International Customers can order same map folded $42.79
Volume/bulk pricing available - click on picture at left (5 -, 10- and 20-packs available)
Some maps with frayed edges are available and come shipped rolled or folded. $12.00
Limited stock on 2012 Waterman map - Atlantic version (not pictured here) - $89.00

Price:  $38.95

Waterman Butterfly V-1 Map  

Make sure to check out What's Behind the Maps . You'll find links for additional resources for the Waterman Map and even a link for a website that enables you to rotate a 3 dimensional representation of the Waterman Globe.

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