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Intrigue your friends with this great conversation-starter. Oversized magnet with sturdy 10 mil lamination. Attaches to any metallic surface. Great for your refrigerator or office file cabinet. Also available in the Population Map, the Peters Map, or Mecca-centered Map. Same images as found on our map postcards. Makes a great holiday stocking stuffer. Waterman Butterfly Map Magnet (4 x 6) Price: $5.00
Waterman Butterfly Map Magnet (4 x 6) - 5 for the price of 4 - Price: $20.00

Price:  $5.00

Waterman Butterfly Map Magnet  

Steve Waterman, a self-taught theoretical nuclear physicist, created a 14-sided polyhedral map in 1996 based on the mathematics of sphere-packing. The equal-area version of his map is currently being refined by a team of mathematicians and cartographers and will be available in 2007. This beta version of the Waterman Map, available for purchase now, is an almost-equal-area map.

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