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This south-at-the-top map is a great educational tool. It challenges basic notions of ''up'' and ''down.'' True ''up'' from our standpoint on the earth, is away from the center, and the earth in space has no inherent up or down. To emphasize this point, this map includes an inset, which shows global views from various angles. In addition, other inset maps show examples of a variety of projections with notes on their merits and limitations. Prices vary from $19.25 for a paper folded 2x3' map - to $700 for a custom printed oversize map. Click the drop-down menu to see your options.

Price:  $20.00

What´s Up South World Map  

The "What's Up? South!" has been a standard in our stores for years. My opening line with map gazers is "Aren't maps fascinating?" This leads to a variety of conversations on how we view the earth, store product and the world of fair trade. . It sells for home, office and school use.  I can't imagine not having this hanging on the wall.
Candi Smucker, co-owner, Baksheesh Fair Trade, Sonoma and St. Helena, CA

The maps arrived this afternoon and they look beautiful! Thanks so much and I think they will be a great hit during the fund drive. Cheers, 
Jennifer Wilson, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Fund Drive Coordinator, Albany, NY

We love the ODT What's Up? South! world map and so do our customers.  I've had customers spend 45 minutes studying the map in the store but they wouldn't buy it because the 56"wide format was too big to fit in their homes.  This new 2x3' format will make a great Father's Day gift.  There's a real shortage of good gifts for men, and it's usually the men that spend time viewing the maps while their wives shop for the fair trade/crafts items.
             Susan Sheldon, Manager, SERRV gift shop, Madison, Wisconsin

 "I think that the What's Up? South! map is a one of the greatest examples of how maps can present familiar information in a different and meaningful way.  Nothing changes in What's Up? South! except the orientation so it reflects what a southern hemispheric person might feel is more appropriate. It's one of my favorites when I speak of how maps need to be appropriate to their uses."
             John Hammer, Retired USN hydrographer
                      and three years in the presidency of the International Map Trade Association.

I just received the "What's Up? South! World Map on the Archival felt paper. The map is Awesome!
I love the color, the detail and the quality of the print. I can't wait to get it framed and hang it in our office. It should spark some interesting conversations as I am an immigration attorney. Thanks! 
            Omar Khuri, esquire, Khuri & Zrnich, P.C.

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